NCSPRA School Communicator of the Year Award

  • NCSPRA is proud to announce a new award to honor the excellence of North Carolina school PR professionals: NCSPRA School Communicator of the Year Award.

    The School Communicator of the Year (SCOY) award will recognize one NCSPRA member each year for excellence in the field of school communications.

    To be eligible for the School Communicator of the Year award, candidates must be current members of the North Carolina School Public Relations Association, hold a professional membership in the National School Public Relations Association, and plan to continue working in the profession.

    Below is a summary of the judging criteria along with a form to nominate someone who meets the criteria. Those interested in the award may nominate themselves or someone else. The School Communicator of the Year award is designed to recognize the outstanding leadership and contributions of active, front-line school communicators who work full-time in school districts or education service agencies.

    School Communicator of the Year Award Judging Criteria:

    • Leadership: Demonstrated leadership in successfully meeting the communication needs of their school system or educational service agency. Examples may include leading successful communication campaigns, overcoming an internal communication challenge or creating a robust strategic communication plan.
    • Communication: Demonstrated strength in both personal and organizational communication. Examples may include evidence of persuasion, the power of engagement or influence in decision making.
    • Professionalism: Constant improvement of knowledge and skills, while providing professional development opportunities and mentoring to others. Examples may include achieving accreditation in public relations (APR), participating in NSPRA’s Mentor Match program or serving as a speaker at the chapter or national level.
    • Community Involvement: Active participation in their local community activities and an understanding of regional, national, and international issues. Examples may include volunteering in their local community, organizing a fund-raising event for their community or writing an article that demonstrates broad knowledge of the complexities of public education.


    The inaugural SCOY award will be presented during the Blue Ribbon Awards celebration on February 9, 2024. The winner of the NCSPRA School Communicator of the Year Award will become eligible to receive the National School Communicator of the Year award, which will be presented by NSPRA in July, 2024.