APR Reimbursement

  • As a way to support the professional growth of our members, NCSPRA is proud to provide a $100 reimbursement to all NCSPRA members who earn their APR certification. All NCSPRA members who have earned their APR credential since January 2020 are eligible to receive reimbursement. 

    To request an APR Reimbursement from NCSPRA, please submit this form

    The total cost of taking the APR exam is $385. The National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) currently offers a $110 reimbursement. If you are a member of both NSPRA and NCSPRA, you are eligible to receive a $210 reimbursement if you earn your APR.

    Earning accreditation is an excellent way to enhance your credibility and professional influence. We are delighted to support our members and help further the field of public relations by providing an APR reimbursement. To find more information about earning your APR, please click here.